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Beautiful Handblock Printed Maheshwari Silk Brown Saree

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Inskirt (Petticoat)

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Fall & Edging

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Package Content

Saree length 5.5 meter 

Blouse 90 cm

Fabric: Maheshwari silk saree

Wash: Dryclean only


There is an expression of beauty in each and every dot of this Dot Handblock Maheshwari Silk Brown saree. The earthy brown hue, paying homage to the natural warm temperature, serves as a canvas for the intricate dot printed, meticulously created through the handblock printing method. Each dot represents the skillful hands that have crafted this masterpiece, paying tribute to lifestyle and artistry. Maheshwari silk, known for its light comfort and effortless fall, ensures the enjoyment of a satisfying wrapping. The saree print with tells a tale of heritage and creativity, with natural vegetable dye contemporary layouts meeting age-old craftsmanship. Wear it with pride, knowing that each point tells a story of dedication and craftsmanship, and enjoy the long-lasting beauty of Maheshwari silk.

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Beautiful Handblock Printed Maheshwari Silk Brown Saree
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1 customer reviews
Mr. Preeti
Mr. Preeti
Jul 1 2019 1:58PM

i ordered a saree from here for my mother .She really loved the print of this saree and the quality of the saree is excellent and i will love to do shopping again from here.


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