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Shop the Best Quality Block Print Dresses Online

Handblock print dresses are always known for their unique and stylish prints that are trendy and comfortable! It's a neat process where they carve a design onto a wooden block, dip it into dye, and stamp it onto fabric to create a unique pattern. These patterns are mostly traditional motifs and curves.

The best part is they're perfect for any event or occasion, whether a chill day out or a fancy night on the town. Not just stylish, block-printed dresses are eco-friendly, as the printing process uses natural dyes and materials. Additionally, many block print dresses are handmade by skilled artisans, providing a sustainable and ethical option for those who shop consciously.

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Types of Block Prints You Will Find At Blockart

There are several types of block prints, each with its own unique style and history. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Ajrakh Print Dresses It has these amazing geometric and floral designs, usually done in shades of blue and red, giving it a traditional feel. Buy a block-printed dress from Blockart for girls and women in Indigo, yellow, black, and red.
  • Dabu Print Dresses In Dabu print, the makers apply a mud paste to the fabric before printing, creating a resist that stops certain areas from being dyed. The process makes for a cool, mottled effect.
  • Bagru Print Dresses It is the most loved block print type known for its earthy colours and geometric designs. In this process, natural dyes and mud-resist printing are used to achieve this look and feel.

Why Buy Block Print Dresses Are Timeless Clothes For Girls And Women?

Block print dresses are an excellent pick for fashion-savvy folks! It will give you the best of both worlds--a mix of famous traditional print and a modern touch of clothing. Plus, they're just so versatile for any summer day! Wear it on the beach, at lunch, at parties, or on every occasion.

You are also supporting traditional artisans who are dedicated to ethical fashion. Altogether, these dresses are an amazing way to add a touch of uniqueness to your wardrobe while doing your part to make a difference. At Blockart, you can find dresses for small kids, a three-piece set including a top, skirt, mulmul dupatta, and calf-length dresses in the most beautiful colour and prints.

Shop our quality block-printed dresses and style them on your next occasion.