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Privacy Policy - BlockArt

While online shopping with us, be assured of the committed safety and privacy on our part. On our online portal, BlockArt, we abide ourselves with a strict privacy policy and we follow and request you to follow the same for a trustworthy association. To have a transparent and hassle free experience, we might ask you to provide some information about you. To safeguard this information, our privacy policy states that no personal information of any sort was/ is/ and will be shared with or disclosed to any third party.

Information collection- What we ask for and why?

To complete an order with BlockArt, you are required to furnish certain general details like your name, email address, mailing address, payment details etc. We collect this personal information using secured gateways. While providing these details, you can feel fully secured about your data privacy. We keep your personal details protected with us and ensure that, in any case, no information will be shared with any person or company.

How do we protect the details?

In strict accordance with our diligently designed privacy policy, we collect, use, and store your information. We store all of the data on highly secured and encrypted servers and not online, minimising the chances of hacking and piracy. Please note that you agree and consent to the information provided by you when you access our website BlockArt.

Your information is collected through SSL services in an encrypted form. This is how we ensure you that your information will be kept safe from unauthorised access.

Use of cookies-

The cookies might be used on our website to identify you during your next visit to the site and for a better user experience. Therefore, we request you to keep the cookies of your browser enabled. The information collected using cookies is also safe with us.

To sum up, we conclude by saying that for us, the privacy of our customers is the utmost priority. We respect it and never compromise on it at any cost.

We collect and store your information to provide a better browsing experience to you and because it's needed on the website.