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Mehndi Green Color Indigo Handblock Print Suit with Kota Zari Dupatta

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Package Content

Fabric  60*60 cotton pure super Dying

Cotton Top 2.50 meter 

Cotton bottom 2.50 meter 

Kota Zari Dupatta2.50 meter 


Hand block printed suit in traditional Indian style with cotton dupatta dress material. It is really comfy to wear and can be used for any occasion. Because it's composed of 100% cotton, the softness of the dress will make you feel at ease in any season. Following These Steps, This Beautifully Handblock Printed Cotton Dress Material Is MANUFACTURED:
1.First, the wooden block for the design is made. The artisan oiled and sanded the wood block before gently chipping away at it, leaving behind the ideal stamp pattern.
2.Second, the artisan pre-washes the fabric, which makes the block printing process highly sustainable by reducing water usage.
3.The cloth is then dyed in its base colour, put flat on a table, and pinned securely to the surface. Although slight differences in the printing are part of what distinguishes Indian block print textiles, a single unintentional movement might cause smudges or uneven printing, necessitating a reprint.
4.Fourth, the craftsman creates a variety of dyes by combining four or five basic natural hues. The block is then soaked in dye and imprinted onto the cloth by hand

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Mehndi Green Color Indigo Handblock Print Suit with Kota Zari Dupatta
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