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Indigo Hand Block Print: A new Blue for Indian Tradition

Indigo hand block print is one popular print which is widely available across sarees, salwar suits and even dress of women.
icon Posted on 23 January 2020 by BlockArt

Indigo hand block print is one popular print which is widely available across sarees, salwar suits and even dress of women.

Rich, dark and filled with drama, Indigo blue colour spans across various styles and patterns. This is a lot stronger than navy blue with being popular for over a century now. It can be utilized for creating both a dark atmosphere along with imparting a colourful and vibrant look. This versatility has made the colour a viable option among designers and stylists.

This new blue is truly mesmerizing, and the sweet touch of the colour undoubtedly impresses all. Hand block printing is an ancient art which makes use of intricate designs for creating a valuable pattern. With roots strongly based in Egypt, China and India, the craftsman has adapted this trend worldwide.

The 21st century is witnessing the art being used across designing various clothing materials and adding beauty to it. Such clothing materials include sarees, salwar suits and dress. The artwork has emerged as a popular one with the world appreciating is beauty and intricate detailing. Indigo printed saree are widely popular across women of all ages who love styling their wardrobe with uniqueness. You can avail the stylish indigo coloured attires online and design your wardrobe with precision and beauty.

The emergence of indigo colour and hand block print

Colouring with Indigo used to be a riddle for a few remotes guests. Indians were a pioneer in the field of sharing printing and Indigo was developed in this way. At present, the hand block print is impressing guests worldwide with Indigo printed saree suppliers and manufacturers busy popularizing the print. As the name suggests, hand block printing is created from a unique wood block which is known as bunta. This artwork is highly popular for being a result of immense hard work and dedication of artisans while they highlight the human imperfections with the help of bespoke designs and expert artisans.

Latest trends in hand block printing

Indigo Hand Block Print

Hand block printing is already creating a stir in the fashion industry with block printed sarees, salwar suits, accessories, apparels creating the buzz. Clothing suppliers and manufacturers are busy looking out for high quality materials in order to produce the finest creation for sale. By adopting the latest trendy design, the man manufacturers are seeking to create perfection. This popular print is widely implemented across all kind of attires and fabrics.

Hand Block Print Salwar Suits

With the help of brand new hand block print salwar suit, you can achieve a traditional Indian style look speaking of the pure divine. The attire can be worn on any event, a casual or a formal one. This trend is buzzing everywhere, and hence, while wearing it, you will always be in fashion and look trendy.

Hand block printed sarees

Indigo Hand Block Print

Saree, the most elegant attire of Indian tradition, has been prevalent for the longest time now. The indigo coloured hand block printed saree add a pinch of subtle touch to the attire, making it a perfect suit for all occasion. You can grab the latest designer sarees online in order to dawn upon a glamorous look. The saree can be accessorized in order to finish the look.


The new blue has blended seamlessly with hand block print together towards creating a fascinating creation of all times. Get your piece of clothing now and stand out from the rest in a crowd.

Mrs. Preeti

Mrs. Preeti

Mrs. Preeti is fashion and traditional writer. She loves to write things upon women and men's fashion trends.