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Top Ways to Look Like a Diva in Cotton Salwar Suit - BlockArt

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icon Posted on 23 January 2020 by BlockArt

Looking like a diva in salwar suit requires you to make some efforts on behalf of the right kind of fittings, fabric cuts, cloth material, etc., which enhance your overall appearance and make you look the life of the occasion. You can also online women's shopping sites to get an idea about the different salwar kameez styles available.

Listed below are some of the things that you should keep in mind while choosing the perfect salwar suit for you:

  • Select the Right Fabric for You The salwar suit fabric should be chosen according to your figure. For instance, fabrics such as linen, brocade, or cotton make you heavier which means that bulky people should avoid wearing such as fabric instead they should prefer wearing light fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, etc., which allow easy movement and give a perfect figure. You will easily get unstitched salwar kameez material online.
  • Wear the Right Length The length of the kurta also affects the look of the person who would be wearing it. If you choose slawar such as Patiala, straight, or Afghani, then it would be best to keep the length of the kurta above the knee length. A longer kurta on such salwars would give an odd appearance. If you have bought unstitched cotton salwar suit with dupatta, then you can customize them out according to your measurement.
  • Length of Sleeves Long sleeves are becoming highly popular these days but you should not opt for this trend blindly and should rather consider your body type and its appearance before you finalize the sleeves. Sleeveless kurta would not be a good option for someone who is bulky or has skinny arms. You can even find salwar kameez pieces while you go for ethnic sarees shopping or search for Chanderi Sarees online store.
  • Get the Lining Right The kurta that you are choosing should come with a perfect lining otherwise, it might look a bit odd. You can even get the slip stitched so that it is not visible and makes you feel conscious every single time.
  • Pick the Colors Wisely The color of the salwar suit also affects your overall appearance. In case you want to look slim, then it would be best to choose darker colors such as black, green, blue, or maroon. For slim shades, pastel colors look the bank including peach, soft green, or aqua. The same should keep in mind while buying ethnic designer cotton saree.
  • Get the Right Style There are a wide variety of options that you can find in salwar suits these days, and there is no dearth of the styles that you can choose from. Right from A-line, Chinese, asymmetrical, among several others, you can choose the designs that suit you the best. Based on your height, the current trend, and body shape, you can choose the style that would look good on you.
  • Pick the Right Footwear You need to make sure that you wear the right footwear with your salwar kameez as it gives you a complete dressed up look. Length of the salwar matters a lot while choosing footwear. For instance, you should avoid wearing heels with ankle length kurtas as they do not look good with them.

By keeping these useful tips in mind, you will surely be able to ace the salwar kameez look any day. Make sure that you balance the colors and accessories well enough so that there are no issues related to the look.

Mrs. Preeti

Mrs. Preeti

Mrs. Preeti is fashion and traditional writer. She loves to write things upon women and men's fashion trends.